Google Crowdsource – Enrich your Mother Language in Internet

Activities & Events / 15 Dec, 2017


Google Crowdsource is an opportunity for us to contribute and enrich our Mother Language in Internet. Every time you use it, you know that you’ve made the internet a better place for your community.

The event will be approx an 2 hour. This will consist of talk about the Crowdsource app and it’s benefits, how to contribute and it’s community and quick Quiz.


Benefits​ ​to​ ​students:
1. Get recognised in your community
2. Become a language influencer in your community
3. Interact with the Google Team (High influencers will be invited to Bangalore Google office)
5. Get a chance to appear on Google social channels by sharing your stories and experiences
6. Build your resume
7. Earn a Google Certificate
8. Get exciting swags

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Event Link:

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