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Airport Pickup & Procedures

Students need to notify us on their flight schedule & flight info 1 week before their arrival (if the application is approved). A college representative will fetch the students from KLIA/LCCT airport & do the immigration clearance for the student. On arrival, student is advised to wait at the immigration office at KLIA/LCCT airport.

The country also imposes exchange controls. This means that you cannot bring in a large amount of Malaysian Ringgit. You are advised to bring in your country’s currency and exchange in Malaysia for the Ringgit or use Traveler’s Cheques. You will be required at Malaysian airports to declare the amount of currency you are bringing into the country.

Please request Airport Arrival Services Form from International Student Department (ISD).

PRE-Arrival Procedure

Step 1

In Home Country

The student MUST inform & Fill up Airport Arrival Services Form to Eastwest International College (EWIC) by fax 606-7655 393 attention to International Student Department (ISD) / Email to the person in charge at least 7 days before departure the following information:

  • Date & Time of Departure from home country.
  • Date & Time of Arrival at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) / Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT).
  • Flight Name & Number.

Eastwest International College (EWIC) will not be held responsible for any consequences if the above instructions are not complied with. Priority for airport pickup is for registered students. Accompanying persons need to arrange for their own transportation.

Step 2

Before Departure

Before the student leaves for the airport, he / she must make sure to bring along the following important documents:

  • Passport (must be valid for at least 12 months before expiry).
  • Original Copy of Visa Approval Letter or Valid Entry Visa.

Step 3

On the Airplane

The student is required to fill in the Disembarkation Card provided by the airline crew. Please keep the card stub.

Step 4

Arrive At KLIA

On leaving the airplane, the student is required to board a “sky-train” which will take the passenger from Terminal C to the Baggage Reclaim & Immigration Terminal.

Note: Student must take the sky-train within 20 minutes on disembarking the plane.

Step 5

At Immigration Counter

An Eastwest International College (EWIC) representative will await students arriving at airport.

However, those arriving at LCCT, Sepang, and Kuala Lumpur are requested to wait and will be guided to the Immigration Counter for clearance.

Important Note:
The Immigration Officer WILL NOT release students without the presence of an Eastwest International College (EWIC) representative to identify and acknowledge the student.

Step 6

Arrival at Eastwest International College (EWIC)

Once Immigrations Clearance procedure is completed, the Eastwest International College (EWIC) representative will offer a Welcome Letter to students upon arriving at Eastwest International College (EWIC), an International Student Department (ISD) will provide briefing to the students.

POST-Arrival Procedure

Step 1

Report at EWIC

The student must report to the International Student Department (ISD), Eastwest International College (EWIC) (located at 1st Floor) upon arrival or the following day.
The following needs to be done at the International Student Department (ISD):-

  • Fill Up Relevant Forms.
  • Student Data FormThe student must settle the necessary due payments prior to the Course Selection and the commencement of classes. The IS Office shall assist students to open a bank account. During Orientation, students will be briefed on Eastwest International College (EWIC) rules & regulations.

Note: Orientation attendance is COMPULSORY.

Step 2

Student ID Card Collection

Students may collect their student ID card prepared by the Registry Office / International Student Department (ISD) within 3-7 working days

Step 3

Student Pass Endorsement

Students MUST submit their passport and Student Pass endorsement fee to the International Student Department (ISD) according to the schedule given them.

The International Student Department (ISD) will provide students a certified true copy of their passport for safekeeping pending the Student Pass endorsement with the Malaysian Immigrations Department.

Important note:

  • Students MUST submit their passport for Student Pass Process 14 days before their Social Visa expires.
  • Students are responsible to ensure that their Student Pass and Entry Visa are VALID before leaving the country.

General Information

It would take at least 60 days for the Malaysian Immigrations Department to issue the Visa Approval Letter. Please take note that it is the prerogative of the Malaysian Immigrations Department to approve or reject any visa applications.

It is the responsibility of the students to check with the Malaysian Embassy in their country regarding any special requirements or visa requirements before coming to Malaysia. For example, students may need to apply for a single entry visa to enter Malaysia together with the Visa Approval Letter, in order to avoid a fine.

For African students, they are required to take the necessary inoculation(s) (injections) especially the Yellow Fever Vaccination before coming to Malaysia. A copy of the Medical Certificate must be produced for verification by the Malaysian Immigrations Department.

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